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Stories by Bob Rost

The Quiet Giant thumbnail image
Hay and forage have more economic and environmental impact than many people realize.
Juiced thumbnail image
Wine industry innovations look promising for the state's economy and environment.
Pumping Plants Up thumbnail image
OSU scientists are helping farmers use nitrogen more effectively and efficiently. That's good for crops, the economy and the environment.
An Industry Blooms in Portland thumbnail image
Oregon's number one agricultural product flowers in the shadow of the state's largest city.
OSU's Home on the Range thumbnail image
Scientists at OSU's Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center help sustain an industry and the land it depends on.
Rolling Out the Green Carpet thumbnail image
Oregon grass seed is finding a booming market in China, with help from a delegation of OSU scientists.
Love Me Tender thumbnail image
Studies of animal behavior at OSU help scientists design better environments for animals in pastures, pens and zoos.
Blessed with Soil and Precious Little Water thumbnail image
At the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, researchers help growers perfect the art and science of dryland agriculture.
Firing Up Bio-Energy thumbnail image
Backed by an $8 million initiative, OSU becomes a Sun Grant University.
The Ring of Success thumbnail image
Like the onions grown there, Oregon's Treasure Valley has many layers and a solid core of research.