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Stories by Peg Herring

Fish for Supper thumbnail image
OSU research helps keep seafood safe and sustainable.
Wading into the Depths of Ocean Policy thumbnail image
Conservation biology guides management of ocean fisheries.
Hatching Dreams for a Better Life thumbnail image
An international program works to improve lives and livelihoods with aquaculture.
Suzukii: A New Fly in the Ointment thumbnail image
A SWAT team pursues a tiny new invader.
The Legacy of the Land Grant thumbnail image
OSU carries the land-grant mission of teaching, research, and Extension into the 21st century.
Habitat for Locavores thumbnail image
Farmers and consumers face-to-face in the marketplace.
Cancer and Chlorophyllin thumbnail image
Studies at OSU and in China have confirmed that the compound blocks a toxin that promotes liver cancer in the developing world.
Dangerous Harvest thumbnail image
OSU bee expert Mike Burgett helped honey hunters in one of the world's poorest nations.
The Salmon Connection thumbnail image
Farmers, fishermen and researchers on opposite sides of the state have joined forces to understand how to sustain wild salmon.
A Pox Upon Our House thumbnail image
An OSU scientist helps battle the modern threat of an ancient terror.