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Stories by Theresa Novak

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A Goose on the Loose? thumbnail image
An OSU project near Portland promises more precise data on how geese affect crops.
A Matter of Taste thumbnail image
In one OSU laboratory the mouth is an important piece of equipment.
A Fresh Place thumbnail image
In the early spring, farmer's markets sprout like daffodils. What's the impact, and could it grow?
pH I Love You thumbnail image
Having the correct soil acidity or alkalinity is the key to growing good crops on farms or in home gardens.
Genetic Engineering: Evolution or Revolution? thumbnail image
OSU researchers trying to improve plants and animals with biotechnology are in the middle of an international controversy.
Primary Colors thumbnail image
A team of OSU researchers is studying fruit pigments to find out how they help make us healthier
Melonville, USA thumbnail image
Arid lands in the northeast corner of Oregon are blooming thanks to a close working partnership between Agricultural Experiment Station researchers and local growers
Paving Paradise thumbnail image
Can Oregon protect its best farmland from development?