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Stories by Tiffany Woods

Oregon Beef thumbnail image
OSU's cattle experts answer some meaty questions.
Wheat thumbnail image
With tweezers, mixers, and genetic maps, OSU researchers are turning wheat into breads, noodles, and pastries.
Oregon Wine thumbnail image
OSU researchers help bring the full flavor of grapes to Oregon wines.
Bringing Barley Back thumbnail image
An old grain finds new prominence for healthy diets and distinctive brews.
Fish on Facebook thumbnail image
Where to go when your friends are finned.
Something in the Air thumbnail image
A chemist travels the globe tracking airborne chemicals that end up in us
Is the Coast Clear? thumbnail image
Researchers assess Gulf water and air
Special Treatment thumbnail image
OSU makes sure fancy foods are safe to eat
Wet Pet Vet thumbnail image
OSU aquatic veterinarian is the good doctor for fish in captivity.
Tribal Matters thumbnail image
For more than half a century, the OSU Extension Service has partnered with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.