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Editor's Note

Editor's Note
Thoughts from editor Peg Herring

On February 25, 1889, legislation was signed that established the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) at what would become Oregon State University. In 125 years, AES has grown into a $55 million research engine working across the state and the globe to solve problems related to food, health, and natural resources.

In this issue of Oregon’s Agricultural Progress magazine, we explore recent contributions made by some of the many research programs affiliated with Oregon’s Agricultural Experiment Station. These programs, with their state and global focus, complement the regional research pursued at AES branch stations across the state.

The breadth of this research is vast, from atoms to oceans. AES research helps drive Oregon’s $5.4 billion agricultural industry, helps feed the world’s 7 billion people, and helps conserve the world’s marine and land resources. It reveals mysteries of the natural world and ignites young minds. It’s a big job and we’ve been doing it for 125 years.