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Stories related to economics

Oregon Organic thumbnail image
OSU helps Oregon growers in agriculture's fastest growing sector.
Recipe for Success thumbnail image
A new course dishes up everything entrepreneurs need to know to launch a successful food business.
Greener Links thumbnail image
Environmental stewardship is rebuilding the swing of golf course management in Oregon.
The Ring of Success thumbnail image
Like the onions grown there, Oregon's Treasure Valley has many layers and a solid core of research.
The campaign against invasive species needs your help.
OSU researchers wade into the West’s largest wetland.
Klamath Basin Revisited thumbnail image
Five years after a devastating drought split the community, Klamath Basin residents are working out a solution.
Innovative growers are re-using industry’s water in the Umatilla Basin.
Why OSU Extension urges you to “find friends in high places.”
The mighty Pacific Ocean shows its power—and its vulnerability—in recent OSU research.