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Stories related to economics

OSU's Home on the Range thumbnail image
Scientists at OSU's Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center help sustain an industry and the land it depends on.
The Seaside Nematode: Natural Born Killer thumbnail image
Nematodes from an Oregon beach may be developed into a weapon for Oregon's nursery industry.
Understanding Hunger in Oregon thumbnail image
Food insecurity hides in plain sight throughout Oregon.
New Potatoes thumbnail image
See what happens when the deck gets shuffled in potato genetics.
The mighty Pacific Ocean shows its power—and its vulnerability—in recent OSU research.
Paving Paradise thumbnail image
Can Oregon protect its best farmland from development?
Ready, Set, Grow thumbnail image
Hybrid poplar trees are attracting attention as an alternative crop for Oregon agriculture.
An Industry Blooms in Portland thumbnail image
Oregon's number one agricultural product flowers in the shadow of the state's largest city.
Growing Research from Seed Money thumbnail image
The Agricultural Research Foundation sows new fields of discovery.
The Legacy of the Land Grant thumbnail image
OSU carries the land-grant mission of teaching, research, and Extension into the 21st century.