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Stories related to economics

Good Earth thumbnail image
OSU and farmers are collaborating on sustainability research.
What Have They Done For You Lately? thumbnail image
The staff of a research and extension center near Portland is busy supporting Willamette Valley agriculture.
Digital Farming thumbnail image
OSU's Tim Righetti and colleagues are helping growers increase their precision.
A Fresh Place thumbnail image
In the early spring, farmer's markets sprout like daffodils. What's the impact, and could it grow?
Genetic Engineering: Evolution or Revolution? thumbnail image
OSU researchers trying to improve plants and animals with biotechnology are in the middle of an international controversy.
Wonderwall thumbnail image
Agricultural Experiment Station researchers are using a protein called nisin to build germ-proof barriers.
Ready, Set, Grow thumbnail image
Hybrid poplar trees are attracting attention as an alternative crop for Oregon agriculture.
The Breed's in the Seed thumbnail image
OSU fisheries scientists are using crossbreeding techniques to develop disease-resistant oysters.
Thinking Globally Acting Locally thumbnail image
In one of Oregon's most scenic areas, OSU researchers are helping fruit growers adapt European marketing strategies to local production practices.
The Seaside Nematode: Natural Born Killer thumbnail image
Nematodes from an Oregon beach may be developed into a weapon for Oregon's nursery industry.