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Stories related to economics

Innovative growers are re-using industry’s water in the Umatilla Basin.
Taking the Measure of Measure 37 thumbnail image
OSU economists examine Oregon's land use laws.
Farming for the Future thumbnail image
The Amstad family grows potatoes, research, and community
Digital Farming thumbnail image
OSU's Tim Righetti and colleagues are helping growers increase their precision.
Canola in the Valley thumbnail image
Science sheds light on a heated topic.
Splendor in the Mass thumbnail image
The grass seed industry has moved past controversy to good times. Find out how.
Sheer Numbers thumbnail image
The ocean is seething with microbes. OSU scientists are studying how they influence life on earth
Promises to Keep thumbnail image
The challenges facing Oregon's pear growers seem to be growing as fast as their fruit. Researchers are trying to help.
Rolling Out the Green Carpet thumbnail image
Oregon grass seed is finding a booming market in China, with help from a delegation of OSU scientists.
Sudden Impact thumbnail image
Rapid response from OSU scientists has helped to contain the spread of sudden oak death in Oregon.