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Stories related to ecosystems

Klamath trout journey toward the future
How they cope in an unlikely environment
The spillover effect of dams on salmon
Looking at hydropower with the fish in mind
Taking the pulse of water in western juniper woodlands
Effects of juniper removal 12 years after cutting
Antarctic future on thin ice
Ari Friedlaender’s passion for the southernmost oceans
Willamette Water 2100
Dive deep into the future of our largest river
Tracing the movement of water
Isotopes reveal the origin of any given drop of water
Research at the edge of the Pacific
Portraits of marine studies from the College of Ag Sciences
A changing climate for water
What climate-change reports predict for Oregon
honey bee thumbnail
Making life a little sweeter for hard-working honey bees
wave thumbnail
OSU botanist leads exploration of ocean and atmosphere