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Stories related to ecosystems

High Desert Dominator thumbnail image
Western juniper covers 10 times more land than it did in the 1880s, and that has ranchers and ecologists concerned.
Beauty on the Wing thumbnail image
Capturing caterpillars and butterflies in photography.
The Long Memory of Small Dams thumbnail image
Thousands of small dams are at the end of their licenses. Now what?
Night at the Museum thumbnail image
A visit to OSU’s Ichthyology Collection is comprehensive (and a bit creepy).
New tools allow scientists more precision in measuring water quality.
Uniting the Umatilla thumbnail image
Twenty years of negotiations among tribes and irrigators have created a plan to sustain both salmon and crops, and OSU researchers and graduates help make it happen.
Hatching New Ideas About Wild Salmon thumbnail image
A new research hatchery studies the interaction of wild and hatchery salmon.
The Salmon Connection thumbnail image
Farmers, fishermen and researchers on opposite sides of the state have joined forces to understand how to sustain wild salmon.
Water from a Tree-tapped Well thumbnail image
An experiment in Central Oregon taps an unexpected source of water.
Whale Tracker thumbnail image
A DNA detective tracks endangered whales into the marketplace.