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Stories related to ecosystems

Beautiful Invaders thumbnail image
Researchers are using new bugs, biology and trickiness to fight an invading green army.
The Universe Beneath Our Feet thumbnail image
OSU's microbial observatory allows scientists to glimpse the microscopic menagerie that connects forests and soil.
The Zumwalt Praire Reunion thumbnail image
A passion for the prairie reunites two biologists after 25 years.
Hazelnut Hertitage thumbnail image
Oregon celebrates 100 years of hazelnuts.
High Desert Dominator thumbnail image
Western juniper covers 10 times more land than it did in the 1880s, and that has ranchers and ecologists concerned.
Greener Links thumbnail image
Environmental stewardship is rebuilding the swing of golf course management in Oregon.
Hatching New Ideas About Wild Salmon thumbnail image
A new research hatchery studies the interaction of wild and hatchery salmon.
Ninety percent of Oregon’s small dams are more than a half a century old, and some are falling apart.
Reflections from Deep Rover.
New tools allow scientists more precision in measuring water quality.