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Stories related to ecosystems

Pollution’s Long Commute thumbnail image
New study reveals contamination in the world’s most remote places.
Researchers are developing new genetic tools to sort out salmon in the ocean and help fishermen target healthy stocks and avoid endangered ones.
Keep the Good Bugs Down on the Farm thumbnail image
Farmscaping for beneficial insects.
Invading Species thumbnail image
What lurks in eastern Oregon waterways?
Where Herons Dare thumbnail image
The majestic birds live in some dangerous places. An OSU graduate studied how they are coping.
Check Out These Weedeaters thumbnail image
Researchers have found that some furry, four-legged critters are very good at making an Oregon weed disappear.
Double Happiness thumbnail image
Rich Roseberg is studying crops that may figure into the future of waste disposal for Oregon communities.
A River Runs Through It thumbnail image
Scientists and stakeholders are looking at possible futures for Oregon's most populated basin.
Fishing for Answers thumbnail image
Around the state OSU faculty and staff are helping with salmon restoration.
Voyage of the Beagle thumbnail image
Whale tracking has come a long way: clear up to satellites orbiting the earth.