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Food Systems

Stories related to food systems

Tuna Goes to Market thumbnail image
Experiment Station research is helping to develop new markets through the Community Seafood Initiative.
Taste of the Town thumbnail image
Sensory testing reveals what we like to eat, and why.
Blessed with Soil and Precious Little Water thumbnail image
At the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, researchers help growers perfect the art and science of dryland agriculture.
Urban Farmer thumbnail image
Agriculture in the 21st century is a research-based industry in the heart of Oregon's fastest growing urban area.
A Heady Success thumbnail image
OSU's fermentation science comes of age as Oregon bubbles to the top of the microbrew industry.
Hazelnut Hertitage thumbnail image
Oregon celebrates 100 years of hazelnuts.
Oregon Organic thumbnail image
OSU helps Oregon growers in agriculture's fastest growing sector.
Recipe for Success thumbnail image
A new course dishes up everything entrepreneurs need to know to launch a successful food business.
The Ring of Success thumbnail image
Like the onions grown there, Oregon's Treasure Valley has many layers and a solid core of research.
Innovations in irrigation are helping growers save water and protect water quality.