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Food Systems

Stories related to food systems

The Other Bees thumbnail image
As honey bees decline, researchers examine the role of native pollinators.
Taste of the Town thumbnail image
Sensory testing reveals what we like to eat, and why.
Fermentation: it’s the culture thumbnail image
A story of the yeast that launched a thousand industries
Branding Oregon Beef thumbnail image
From marbling to marketing, research helps brand Oregon beef
Local Food to Local Jobs thumbnail image
An economic engine for rural communities
Dinner in Oregon thumbnail image
From soup to nuts, a full menu of articles featuring Oregon's finest cuisine and the research that helps deliver good food to the table
Can Vino Be More Keeno? thumbnail image
OSU food scientists are testing a substance from egg whites that could help wine makers.
Fish for Supper thumbnail image
OSU research helps keep seafood safe and sustainable.
Q. How can kids learn where food comes from? thumbnail image
A. Teach the teachers (in the Summer Ag Institute).
Blessed with Soil and Precious Little Water thumbnail image
At the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, researchers help growers perfect the art and science of dryland agriculture.