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Stories related to innovations

Fermentation: it’s the culture thumbnail image
A story of the yeast that launched a thousand industries
Pulp Fixings thumbnail image
Oregon is below the national average in adding value to crops, but a new center may help farmers change that.
Wonders of the Web thumbnail image
From Portland to Jordan Valley, OSU is putting practical information at the fingertips of Oregonians.
Why You Should Give A Rip About Dirt thumbnail image
OSU scientists are learning more about that thin skin 4,000 miles from the center of the earth.
Firing Up Bio-Energy thumbnail image
Backed by an $8 million initiative, OSU becomes a Sun Grant University.
Northern Exposure thumbnail image
An OSU veterinarian has gone to extremes to find microbes that break down pollutants like crude oil.
Farming for the Future thumbnail image
The Amstad family grows potatoes, research, and community
Growing Optimism thumbnail image
New, young farmers cultivate their place in Oregon’s agriculture.
Keys to the Kingdom thumbnail image
Genomic research of fungi reveals the secrets behind penicillin and pale ale
Thar She Grows thumbnail image
A new crop is giving a nautical look to some Willamette Valley fields.