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Strange Brew thumbnail image
This web site is a worm hole into a universe of practical and offbeat information.
The Year of Decision thumbnail image
Just after the turn of the century Oregonians made a choice that changed the state.
Research in the Changing Heart of Oregon thumbnail image
Innovation and resourcefulness define the work of OSU's Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center.
Patterns of Diversity thumbnail image
An AES stream ecologist has expanded her study of communities and diversity in natural resources.
The Nutty Professors thumbnail image
They're battling, on several fronts, a disease threat to Oregon's valuable hazelnut industry.
A Matter of Taste thumbnail image
In one OSU laboratory the mouth is an important piece of equipment.
Happy Birthday, OAP thumbnail image
We look back at 50 years of Oregon's Agricultural Progress magazine.
They Flunked Retirement thumbnail image
Lots of OSU faculty are so passionate about their work they continue it after they retire.
Dangerous Harvest thumbnail image
OSU bee expert Mike Burgett helped honey hunters in one of the world's poorest nations.
Welcome to Surimi School thumbnail image
It's an international buffet of new seafood-based delicacies made from fish that no one else wanted.