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Stories related to water

A basin sculpted by prehistoric floods faces the challenge of protecting its groundwater.
Pacific Invasion thumbnail image
Launched by a tsunami, hitchhiking organisms make landfall on an Oregon beach.
The Long Memory of Small Dams thumbnail image
Thousands of small dams are at the end of their licenses. Now what?
OSU researchers wade into the West’s largest wetland.
Klamath Basin Revisited thumbnail image
Five years after a devastating drought split the community, Klamath Basin residents are working out a solution.
New tools allow scientists more precision in measuring water quality.
Uniting the Umatilla thumbnail image
Twenty years of negotiations among tribes and irrigators have created a plan to sustain both salmon and crops, and OSU researchers and graduates help make it happen.
Cleaning Up the Hood thumbnail image
Hood River growers help tackle the problem of non-point pollution.
Long-term studies help ranchers manage cattle to protect streams.
The Salmon Connection thumbnail image
Farmers, fishermen and researchers on opposite sides of the state have joined forces to understand how to sustain wild salmon.