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Stories related to water

Water from a Tree-tapped Well thumbnail image
An experiment in Central Oregon taps an unexpected source of water.
Flooded grass fields offer refuge to fish and wildlife more associated with streams than fields.
Guarding the Wet Stuff thumbnail image
Evolving Best Management Practices are helping farmers and other Oregonians preserve our water.
Voyage of the Beagle thumbnail image
Whale tracking has come a long way: clear up to satellites orbiting the earth.
The Lahontan's Lifeblood thumbnail image
An OSU fisheries graduate student is conducting a pioneering study of how beavers impact a desert stream.
Deja Vu thumbnail image
OSU Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station faculty are trying to help the people of the Klamath Basin with a much-publicized struggle.
Precipitating Change thumbnail image
Six OSU experts weigh in on what climate change might mean for Oregon's water.
Landscapes for an arid country
An Oregon-born idea is powered by community involvement.
Taking It to the Streams thumbnail image
OSU’s Master Watershed Stewardship Program marshals a legion of volunteers to care for neighborhood streams.