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Stories by Carol Savonen

Research in the Changing Heart of Oregon thumbnail image
Innovation and resourcefulness define the work of OSU's Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center.
An Oregon-Grown Cornucopia thumbnail image
OSU's vegetable breeding program has provided generations of Oregonians with the best possible vegetables.
Hatching New Ideas About Wild Salmon thumbnail image
A new research hatchery studies the interaction of wild and hatchery salmon.
Now we can tell who’s pooping in the pool.
A basin sculpted by prehistoric floods faces the challenge of protecting its groundwater.
100 Years of Crop and Soil Science thumbnail image
With powerful new tools unimaginable a century ago, OSU scientists nurture Oregon's bounty above ground and below.
Beauty on the Wing thumbnail image
Capturing caterpillars and butterflies in photography.
The Other Bees thumbnail image
As honey bees decline, researchers examine the role of native pollinators.
Herbarium and the Oregon Flora Project thumbnail image
OSU’s botanical collections are a key to Oregon’s plant diversity.