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Stories by Judy Scott

Summer Berries thumbnail image
Oregon berries are the best in their class.
OSU's Signature Vegetables thumbnail image
In Oregon, it's easy to love your vegetables.
Roasted Hazelnuts thumbnail image
Oregon’s official state nut rebounds with resistance to blight.
New Farmers Take Root thumbnail image
OSU Extension grows a new crop of farmers for the future
Sauced and Juiced thumbnail image
Oregon cranberries float to the top of the market
Urban Horticulture thumbnail image
Reconnecting people and their landscapes
Hardworking Landscapes Tame the Storm thumbnail image
Communities go back to nature to manage the rush of urban stormwater.
Welcome to My World thumbnail image
The Urban-Rural Exchange bridges Oregon’s greatest divide.
Master Gardeners Bloom in the Metro Area thumbnail image
Part of a brigade of 3,500 volunteers who are greening Oregon cities
Edible Education thumbnail image
Good nutrition starts early and lasts a lifetime.