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Food Systems

Stories related to food systems

The Fruits of Change thumbnail image
A new production philosophy is gaining a stronghold in Oregon's Hood River Valley.
Good Earth thumbnail image
OSU and farmers are collaborating on sustainability research.
Pearls of Wisdom thumbnail image
OSU's coastal research station works with marine resources.
A Matter of Taste thumbnail image
In one OSU laboratory the mouth is an important piece of equipment.
The Nutty Professors thumbnail image
They're battling, on several fronts, a disease threat to Oregon's valuable hazelnut industry.
A Fresh Place thumbnail image
In the early spring, farmer's markets sprout like daffodils. What's the impact, and could it grow?
pH I Love You thumbnail image
Having the correct soil acidity or alkalinity is the key to growing good crops on farms or in home gardens.
Melonville, USA thumbnail image
Arid lands in the northeast corner of Oregon are blooming thanks to a close working partnership between Agricultural Experiment Station researchers and local growers
The Breed's in the Seed thumbnail image
OSU fisheries scientists are using crossbreeding techniques to develop disease-resistant oysters.
Thinking Globally Acting Locally thumbnail image
In one of Oregon's most scenic areas, OSU researchers are helping fruit growers adapt European marketing strategies to local production practices.