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Food Systems

Stories related to food systems

Rain of Terror thumbnail image
A team of OSU researchers and extension educators is helping Klamath Basin barley growers fight a disease that rides the wind.
Promises to Keep thumbnail image
The challenges facing Oregon's pear growers seem to be growing as fast as their fruit. Researchers are trying to help.
Juiced thumbnail image
Wine industry innovations look promising for the state's economy and environment.
Pumping Plants Up thumbnail image
OSU scientists are helping farmers use nitrogen more effectively and efficiently. That's good for crops, the economy and the environment.
Pressed for Success thumbnail image
The pressure's on in the oyster industry. It may be the first good economic news in a long time.
Dangerous Harvest thumbnail image
OSU bee expert Mike Burgett helped honey hunters in one of the world's poorest nations.
Building Better Berries thumbnail image
Bernadine Strik’s research improves high-value crops that sustain small-acreage farms in Oregon.
New Potatoes thumbnail image
See what happens when the deck gets shuffled in potato genetics.
Bringing Ideas to Market thumbnail image
OSU's Food Innovation Center helps entrepreneurs cook up new ideas to boost Oregon's economy.
Finding Their Niche thumbnail image
With the help of OSU researchers, Oregon growers are finding new markets for specialty products.