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Food Systems

Stories related to food systems

Recipe for Success thumbnail image
A new course dishes up everything entrepreneurs need to know to launch a successful food business.
The Ring of Success thumbnail image
Like the onions grown there, Oregon's Treasure Valley has many layers and a solid core of research.
Innovations in irrigation are helping growers save water and protect water quality.
Long-term studies help ranchers manage cattle to protect streams.
Cleaning Up the Hood thumbnail image
Hood River growers help tackle the problem of non-point pollution.
Innovative growers are re-using industry’s water in the Umatilla Basin.
Researchers are developing new genetic tools to sort out salmon in the ocean and help fishermen target healthy stocks and avoid endangered ones.
Flooded grass fields offer refuge to fish and wildlife more associated with streams than fields.
100 Years of Crop and Soil Science thumbnail image
With powerful new tools unimaginable a century ago, OSU scientists nurture Oregon's bounty above ground and below.
A Matter of Taste thumbnail image
As the southern Oregon wine industry brings new wines to the table, a wine chemist explores the nuances of taste and aroma.