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Stories related to innovations

Northern Exposure thumbnail image
An OSU veterinarian has gone to extremes to find microbes that break down pollutants like crude oil.
Wonders of the Web thumbnail image
From Portland to Jordan Valley, OSU is putting practical information at the fingertips of Oregonians.
Why You Should Give A Rip About Dirt thumbnail image
OSU scientists are learning more about that thin skin 4,000 miles from the center of the earth.
Pulp Fixings thumbnail image
Oregon is below the national average in adding value to crops, but a new center may help farmers change that.
Molecular Marketing thumbnail image
Plant researchers are eyeing molecular tools for developing products for potential customers.
Thar She Grows thumbnail image
A new crop is giving a nautical look to some Willamette Valley fields.
In the Friar's Footsteps thumbnail image
Researchers have cloned Mendel's famous dwarfing gene.
Genetic Engineering: Evolution or Revolution? thumbnail image
OSU researchers trying to improve plants and animals with biotechnology are in the middle of an international controversy.
Ready, Set, Grow thumbnail image
Hybrid poplar trees are attracting attention as an alternative crop for Oregon agriculture.
Strange Brew thumbnail image
This web site is a worm hole into a universe of practical and offbeat information.