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Stories related to people

Something in the Air thumbnail image
A chemist travels the globe tracking airborne chemicals that end up in us
Mapping Mazama Ash thumbnail image
Three generations of scientists explore soils in the shadow of volcanoes
New Farmers Take Root thumbnail image
OSU Extension grows a new crop of farmers for the future
Farming for the Future thumbnail image
The Amstad family grows potatoes, research, and community
Special Treatment thumbnail image
OSU makes sure fancy foods are safe to eat
Tribal Matters thumbnail image
For more than half a century, the OSU Extension Service has partnered with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.
Pest Quest thumbnail image
De-bugging public schools combines gumshoe sleuthing with integrated pest management.
Welcome to My World thumbnail image
The Urban-Rural Exchange bridges Oregon’s greatest divide.
A Place to Grow thumbnail image
When a garden means more than just broccoli
Master Gardeners Bloom in the Metro Area thumbnail image
Part of a brigade of 3,500 volunteers who are greening Oregon cities